Our Pastor

Pastor Julie Kelly was called to Hope in October of 2017. She earned her education at Fort Hays State University, LAC/USC, and Luther Seminary.  
She is married to Lance and they have 4 adult children together. Pastor Kelly is an advocate to help prevent the rising tide of military and Veteran suicides and is an active supporter of justice and interfaith activities.  

She loves using art to prepare sermons and commonly uses painting as a form of Lectio Divina for sermon preparation.  In her spare time she finds herself knitting, spinning, painting and gardening but is always up for trying something new.    

When it comes to ministry, she struggles most with the books of Job and Jeremiah and her favorite topics are the intersectionality of faith in every day life and ways to worship using all 5 senses.  She can talk all day about the idea of "Breath Theology" and her firm belief that God walks with us in every way.  She loves imagery of feet and accompaniment (walking with), her favorite artist is John August Swanson.
Pastor Kelly enjoys writing and you can learn more about her on her personal blog, http://www.mistressofdivinity.wordpress.org/   or about walking in the Christian Faith and the community of Hope Lutheran in particular on her professional blog, http://www.dirtysoledpastor.com/ 


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